Espada-Millars Fire Station


The Espada-Millars Volunteers Fire Station is located at the confluence of the streets Sogorb and Alqueries in the town of Onda. It is located on a plot with a surface area of ​​1206 m2.

It consists of two distinct areas: dependency area and garage area.

The units' area with ground and first floors, houses the administration rooms (control and office) and associated dressing rooms and toilets, as well as general toilets and a gym on the ground floor. On the first floor, there is a multi-purpose room, space for kitchen-dining-living room, as well as general toilets, a cleaning room and a file room.

The garage area includes a garage for trucks and annex spaces for equipment room, warehouse, workshop, generator and oil tanks. The garage has free access connected to the calle Alqueries street, and above the adjacent areas there is a facade to the back yard of the plot.

Both projected areas (garages and units) have a prismatic shape, but both the volume and external appearance are different, resulting in prospects that enrich notably the generated space and influence important aspects of the project.