Water Cycle

We have state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly technologies that allow us to get clean water without forgetting our environmental commitment. From the collection to the recipient there is a long road full of technical difficulties but our team is highly prepared to address them effectively.

The water cycle consists of four specialities: first, purification, that we perform through conventional techniques such as sand filtering or decanting but with the latest technology; second, desalination, for this speciality we design, build, maintain and exploit reverse osmosis plants with solutions for the treatment of saline concentrates; for the water purification process we have proven experience in building all kinds of Wastewater Treatment Plants; and finally, to collect it we have the most modern machinery for all kinds of underground water intakes.

As for the distribution networks: Our team of professionals and engineers are used to working with tanks, pipelines, pumping stations of both clean and waste water.



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