Modification of the Wastewater Treatment System eliminating the peat layer treatment by installing another solid support by building a reservoir with a biodisc with a recirculation well, which is complemented with the execution of a static secondary decanter, a recirculation well and a sludge purge, a manhole and a hut take samples, and there is also a pump installed in the collection well for the recirculation of leachate from drying sludge beds achieving an adequate treatment of wastewater guaranteeing  discharge conditions to the public channel.

The performance is completed with the construction of an automatic pre-treatment equipped with manual gates, an automatic rotary screen and an electronic flow meter. We also build the new control building which consists of separate areas for offices, toilets and a storage area, finished with stone facing and painted cement mortar, and the necessary works of urbanization and gardening. We install pipes, pumps and electrical panels and automation and control equipment.