Inauguration of the Volunteer Fire Station of Espadán-Mijares


The president of the Provincial Council of Castellón, Javier Moliner Gargallo, the Regional Minister of Governance and Justice, Serafín Castellano Gómez, and Salvador Aguilella Ramos, Mayor of Onda, have officially inaugurated this Wednesday morning the new Volunteer Fire Station of Espadán-Mijares.

The Provincial Council of Castellón has now completed the construction of the new building that will house the facilities of the Regional Volunteer Fire Station of Espadán-Mijares belonging to the Provincial Fire Station Consortium of Castellón. Now begins the process to provide equipment to the several facilities, so the implementation of these new units is scheduled for the coming months.

The work, which is built on a plot granted by the Town hall of Onda at the confluence of the streets calle Segorbe and calle Alquerías, has an implementation budget of 753,000 euros. The surface area of the plot is 1,206 square meters and has a rectangular shape. The distribution of the facility consists of an area of units of 235.46 sq. meters on the ground floor, and 166.45 sq. meters on the first floor. Furthermore, it has a garage and storage area of 377,76 sq. meters on the ground floor, leaving a front patio free for manoeuvring vehicles.

Covering a population of about 40,000 people throughout the operational area, this park is supported in most of its services by the Plana Baixa Park, located in the town of Nules.

Luis Rubio, Delegate of the Provincial Fire-Fighters’ Consortium, explained that "the park mostly services the forest area due to the ecological wealth of the 21 municipalities in this area (Alcora, Alcudia de Veo, Arañuel, Argelita, Ayódar, Cirat, Espadilla, Fanzara, Fuentes de Ayódar, Ludiente, Montanejos, Onda, Puebla de Arenoso, Ribesalbes, Sueras, Tales, Toga, Torralba del Pinar, Torrechiva, Vallat and Villamalur). However, it also performs prevention services, fire in housings and industrial fires, traffic accidents, etc. It should be noted that within its operating area are the industrial areas of Onda and Alcora, in addition to the forest area of the Natural Park of Sierra de Espadán".

The Park currently has 2 Heavy Rural Fire Trucks (BRP), a Miscellaneous Rescue Truck (FSV) and a Personnel and Cargo Unit. Existing units are now small due to the growth of the Park, both in what refers to material and human resources. The new park will put an end to these problems, as large hangars, dressing rooms, storage and common areas have been planned.

Currently the park consists of 25 members, all residents of Onda, although the number of people that have been part of its staff is larger, as it is usually renewed every two years.