Inauguration of the treatment plant in Villahermosa del Río


Today, the Provincial Council of Castellón has inaugurated the industrial water treatment plant of Villahermosa del Rio after having expanded and improved its facilities.

The works have allowed a modification of the Wastewater Treatment system disregarding the peat bed treatment and installing another solid support treatment by remodelling the existing Imhoff pre-treatment and tank, the construction of a reservoir where a biodisc is installed, the execution of a secondary static decanter, a recirculation well and a sludge purge, achieving an adequate treatment of wastewater by ensuring discharge conditions into public waterways, increasing the treatment capacity from 100 m3 / day to 200 m3 / day.

The opening ceremony was attended by Javier Moliner, President of the Provincial Council of Castellón, accompanied by Ignacio Sangüesa, Head of the Technical Department, and Hector Folgado, Delegate of Infrastructure and Cooperation, and by Luis Rubio, Mayor of Villahermosa del Rio.