Residential construction

At Civicons we have developed the best working method for buildings or single-family houses to meet our customers’ expectations with solutions tailored to their requirements. We know that a home must be special and it is therefore in the hands of the best professionals. At Civicons we do not build houses, we build homes. Always devoted to design and innovation, our projects are carried out using advanced technology, with great concern for the environment. Our constructions always ensure energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy.


UJI Xiob apartment building

Les Agulles

Columbretes III


La Arboleda


Tres Lledó III

UE-27 Castellón


Espai Verd



Les Gavines

Isis - Osiris 2

La Plana

Mirador del bulevar

Residencial Mohino

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc II

Novallar II

Nova Lledó

Palau Taxida

Plaça II

Porta Real

El Clero

Columbretes I y II

Santa Águeda